Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mint QuickView Questions and Answers 1

All of us on the Mint for Mac team are really excited that customers appear to like the Mint QuickView product.  The reviews have been great on the Mac App Store with around 98% of customers rating the product a 4 or 5 stars.  We're the number one free app in the store at least for now and there have been lots of Twitter traffic.   I'm posting a bunch of stuff to this site.  Other than this post, I also have the following other posts:
But of course customers have questions and so I've got answers...

Q: Hope they can add an option to make the notification badge black and white too?
A: Oops.  Quite honestly we just missed this.  We will update the graphics in our next update.  The badge should be black and white when the menu bar icon is black and white.

Q: Not updating
A: Unfortunately Mint QuickView went live a few hours before we expected and this was during our regular server maintenance when the servers go offline.  If you tried QuickView between 10 and 12pm PST on 7/10, please try QuickView again. It will work now.  If this continues to be an issue, please send us email at so we can work with you to try to figure out the issue.

A: Yuck.  It would be great if you could send us an email to so that we can gather more information regarding why QuickView crashed.

Q: What I'm not so happy about:  This app just sitting in the menu bar is using 160-180mb of RAM.
A: Wow, that doesn't sound right.  On my machine it's using 34.5 MB.  It's a really small app.  Please check back and see if it continues to be that large.  Possibly you caught QuickView during a data refresh.  Someone else reported this in the Mac App Store comments so it's definitely happening but it shouldn't.  It would be good if you can contact us via the Feedback item in QuickView under the Gear icon so we can work with you to figure out why it's happening.  Do you have a really large data set?

Q: The Trends and Investment page doesn't look like the website.
A: QuickView doesn't support Flash so the charts won't work when using the built-in QuickView browser.  However, we're about to roll out a hot new Trends page on that will start to be migrated to users theoretically next week.  This doesn't use Flash and will work great in QuickView.  Unfortunately investments will continue to be without it's charts.

Q: Export to CSV doesn't work from the QuickView browser
A: Unfortunately this is true.  However, QuickView itself has Export to CSV built into the product. Just do a search of what you want to export and then right click on the transaction list and select Export Transactions.  This will export the current transaction list to CSV.

Q: The issue I have is that...I have to click the little gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner to make the app prompt me for my passcode.
A: The passcode stuff is a little confusing.  Here's how it works.  If you have a passcode and the timer set which is the default we give you a grace period before showing you the passcode again based on the time set in the timer.  The reason we do this is so you can go to using our built-in browser and then go back to QuickView without being prompted for the passcode.  The default timer setting is 5 minutes.  What this means is that if you walk away from for your desk, someone theoretically can open QuickView without being prompted for 5 minutes.  After the 5 minute time is reached then the prompt will appear.  If this is too long, then you can change the timer and make it 1 minute so that it's a much shorter grace period or you can click on the lock icon and the prompt will be forced immediately.

Q: The app appears to hang at times when you click on a feature that requires the full window to appear.
A: The performance of launching the built-in QuickView browser and actually seeing the site isn't great.  Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a way we can speed this along.  This might be a reason you're seeing a slight stutter when launching the browser window.

Q: Why do you have the built-in browser?  Why not just launch Safari?
A: We did this so we can auto-log you into the site.  We think this is one of the key benefits of QuickView.  There currently isn't a way we could implement auto-login with a default browser from QuickView today.  We hope in time this can be improved.
Hopefully this helps answer a few questions.  Thanks again for all the great comments in the app store and use the feedback email address to give us your feature requests.  You can find it under the Gear icon.

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