Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the Bleeding Edge

Wow.  What is it and I'm starting a blog.  I'm like grandpa who proudly tells you that he just got a My Space account not realizing everyone else has moved on to Facebook.  D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R.   Well this sad tale gets even worse since I actually work in high tech.  More specifically I've worked at Microsoft for over 13+ years off and on with a few stints at Claris, Apple, Lotus Development, Nortel and a bunch of start up companies along the way.   I live in SiliconValley for heaven's sake.  Before time ticks completely away I've decided to finally defend my tech props and write a blog.

So what does one write about for their first blog?

Well I've chosen to write about tech.  Gee, what a surprise.  Quite honestly I don't know much of anything else.  I'm a total geek.  I don't watch football.  I don't coach my son's soccer team.  (Of course my son is like his dad and doesn't play soccer but that's besides the point.)   What I do know is technology.  I work in the industry but more accurately I buy a lot of gadgets and stumble just like the rest of you on trying to figure out how they work.   I also spend a lot of time...far too much time or so my wife says...researching and reading up on how to get my stuff to work.  I can't let the wife be right that I've totally wasted our hard earned money on some crap that doesn't do anything.   Since most of you aren't like me and actually have lives I thought it might make sense for me to write about my experiences with my gadgets so you can learn from my experimentations and don't have to waste time doing your own experimenting.  Call it my public service to all the guys out there who are like me and have to fight the evil dragons of complexity on an odyssey of gadget discovery.

Hence the title...My Adventures in Tech.  

Welcome.   I hope these few steps lead to an interesting and fruitful exchange of gadget knowledge and geekdom using that hot new bleeding edge technology of people journalism called blogging.  Take it away maestro....

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